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We want to enjoy and support all kinds of original music. We also just want to share that feeling with anyone else who wishes to take part in the experience of original live music.

Our motives are not financially fueled - we are not commercially driven. Most of our concerts are free of charge or with a symbolic entrance fee. Don't let that put you off - our concert
experience is based on quality - in the sound and comfort. You also get the oppertunity to chose from many different kinds of music as we organize theme evenings where we focus on a particular style of music.

For example: Pop Night - Electro Night - Rock Night - Folk Night - RnB Night - Singer song-writer Night...

Our concerts take place in cafes - concert halls and we also organize festivals. We work with both amatures and professionals and that makes our organization special.

Our main goal & vision is actually socially directed as Sunshine concerts is infact a free artistic platform with an open source mentality. We would like to make everyone in the community feel welcome in the organization
and to have the possibility to take part or join us at one of the events without restrictions due to age, sex, background, qualifictions, nationality or language. That means that you too can play a role - take part - in
helping to develope future projects. All you need to begin is positive motivation - the rest you'll learn as you go - our team will be there to guide you if and when required.

Remember our slogan, "The future of music is live." And that future is in all our hands but more so in the hands of the artists themselves and their choice to openly work with organizations
such as Sunshine concerts and also understanding just what that partnership means - we do this completely on a volunteer basis. We do however aim to function/organize all events *on a professional level.

Even if you don't agree with what we believe and do - your view point is still important and remarks/suggestions/feed-back is always welcome. If you have idea's, if you're looking for partnerships,
if you're looking for somebody to organize an event for your club of business...just contact us: info@sunshineconcerts.be

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.

The future of music is live.

Бельгия — Антверпен
Почтовый адрес:
Lange van bloerstraat 75, 2060 Antwerpen, Belgium
+32(0)485 123 284 — JAMES KING
+32(0)485 061 355 — TAIR AZIZOV
lucas33 — TAIR AZIZOV
+7 777 678 1934 — TAIR AZIZOV (Kazakhstan)